maandag 28 november 2011

leave your white balance on auto

I know, everyone always says that your auto white balance isn’t any good. And partly it’s true, it can be way off. And that’s also the beauty of it since I only recommend shooting in auto white balance when you shoot in RAW. Because when you shoot in RAW your in-camera white balance does not really matter, you can change it afterwards without compromising the image quality.

Now back to why you can shoot auto white balance: it messes things up up. For example this photo:

With the correct white balance it looks way warmer and greener. Which would have been fine, but with the blue hint the photo looks better (to me). I do not think I would have come up with this result myself. I probably would have fine tuned my white balance to make it correct and the photo would look less alien. But with photos like this, when your white balance is off, sometimes it gives you a tip how you could process your photograph.

On the other hand, when you are on an assignment and you want to do as little post production as possible, you probably want to fine tune your white balance in camera. But if you’re shooting for yourself and you want to “develop” your photos anyway, you can try auto white balance.

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Koen
    Prachtige foto's ..ook op Flickr
    Ik las dat je oorspronkelijk uit Leiden komt...Leuk..want ik kom zelf uit een dorpje naast Leiden..(Valkenburg)..Ik neem aan dat je het gebied AWD ook kent?
    Gr Henk

  2. Hallo Koen,

    Ik ben het 100% met jou eens. Ik heb de witbalance altijd op auto staan en kan die indien nodig achteraf nog prima aanpassen.
    De warmte is ook prima achteraf aan te passen in Adobe Lightroom of Photoshop.

    Mooi blog met prima informatie!

    Peter en janny