zaterdag 23 april 2011



We all have these moments when not a single photograph seems to turn out right. At these moments we lack inspiration, or we are just not happy with the way we shoot anymore. Or as Chris Marquardt once said in his podcast: lack of inspiration starts when we ask ourselves the question what are we going to shoot today. And he is totally right, you should not try to think of something you might want to photograph, you should see or hear something which makes you want to photograph it. Once you find such an object your inspiration will be back in no time.

But do you have to wait until such a moment arrives? It might take some time before something important happens. The way you can cheat around this is to do something completely different. For instance: I really like to take landscape photographs, however the interesting landscapes around my house are running out since I virtually come there once every week. So when I was out of things I wanted to shoot I had a hard time taking photographs which could satisfy me. But then I bought a few extension tubes for my birthday and started out taking macros. It was like I was in a new world, everything was suddenly interesting.
What I try to say with this example is that when you do something completely different, say another genre, or use another lens you normally wouldn’t use will spark your inspiration.

Because it would be a shame if you would grow upset with photography, because it’s a wonderful hobby. And when you’re skilled in taking photographs your family archive will grow in quality.

Thanks for reading!