vrijdag 7 januari 2011

be confident

I had to photograph a couple of friends to give the photo to someone who will be off to India for quite a while. Because it was quite a hassle to get everyone together at the same day. Therefore I decided to go for the safe route, I took my 18-55 kitlens because that is the only one which has autofocus on my camera. It was going to be in broad daylight anyway, so I didn't need a fast lens or whatsoever. But being at the shot this turned out to be a major mistake.

You see I am very used to shoot with manual focus lenses, I just had to learn to deal with the likes of my camera again. I focused, recomposed and the shutter wouldn’t release because the part where the focus point was now pointing at was out of focus.
I had to take care of all these little things and I felt like I was using someone else’s camera.

The only thing that saved my was that I brought my 50mm with me because there was some forest in the area. Losing autofocus and losing metering felt as a relief. Just because I am used to shoot this way. Not that I promote to go cold turkey and shoot only with your MF lenses, the thing I’m trying to say is shoot important shoots the way you would shoot an unimportant personal project. Select the tools you are used to. If you just have bought a new flash, good luck with that, but learn to use it before you use it in anything important. If you just bought a new lens, happy you, take your other lenses with you on the shoot. You probably will need them.
And take some responsibility if you know you can do it, do it. The only reason I didn’t went for my 50mm in the first place was because I didn’t want to mess up the shoot because of my liking for MF lenses. But it turned out that because I like these lenses so much I am used to them and they enable me to get in my regular workflow, providing better results.

Well that was my rant for today, have a nice weekend. 

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  1. Koen, ik ben het helemaal met je eens. Zelf gebruik het liefste handmatig bedienbaar materiaal en word gefrustreerd als mijn digitale toestel weigert om scherp te stellen op een veraf object als ik een dichtbij object op de voorgrond wil hebben (of andersom). De dictatuur van het apparaat. Handmatig werken betekent dat je beseft wat je aan het doen bent. Ik heb onlangs een Rolleiflex en een Kodak Retina aangeschaft. Vooral bij de laatste moet je eerst 10-20 foto's maken voordat je ongeveer doorhebt hoe het werkt. Eerst sluitertijd, daarna diafragma (bv., niet andersom, anders verandert de sluitertijdring het diafragma. Ook vind ik het prettig met een afzonderlijke belichtingsmeter te werken, geen gedoe met batterijtjes die niet meer in de handel zijn.