vrijdag 31 december 2010

rome with a 28 part 2, the vatican

When I went to the vatican it was a bright sunny day. I figured that the white buildings of the vatican and that blue sky would make a good photograph, especially if i used a polarizer. However there were so many people, and I could not get up to look over the square that i was not able to make a photograph of the St. Peter cathedral that i liked. However i did take a detail. This photograph is taken with the polarizer turned in such a way that it has the maximum effect because i was going for a contrasty, well saturated photograph.

From the top of the St. Peter on the other hand the people on the square were so small that they didn't matter at all. But the people on top of the St. Peter where another story. I felt like i was in a busy subwaystation fighting for a place in the subway. It was ridiculous that they allowed so much people there, I would have been happier with a longer line and less people on the St. Peter than the other way around. To get the photo i wanted from the wonderful view I just sprayed and prayed. Prayed for no people in the photographs, prayed for a good composition. In the end I got a few lucky hits, but wow I'm never going up there again.

The people downstairs were much nicer, near the exit of the St. Peter I found this man. I sat down on the other side of the doorway so I could take a photograph of him. He noticed me taking a first photograph of him (he just closed his eyes, my luck again), laughed and took this pose.

Well these were the highlights of Rome, I took around 360 photographs but I have process them yet. The thing I learned in Rome was to always take a prime. I saved so much time with it. I didn't have to worry about focal lengts or crops because when you are used to a certain focal length you get a feel for what will be in the photograph. The results are sharper as well, compared to the photographs i took with the 18-55 lens during the busride I am able to crop more than with the 18-55. 

Well next time I will put on something useful. A review of my lenses for instance, or how to focus manual in lots of situations. But during my visit to Rome i fel like writing down how much easier it is to take photographs with a prime lens, even though it sounds weird. 

happy newyear everyone

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